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American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) Student Academy

Students Can Spend Time And Learn From Internationally Recognized Forensic Science Expert

The purpose of the Student Academy of Forensic Sciences is to bring to the attention of local area high school and college students the vital importance of the application of scientific principles to the administration of justice. The students have the benefit of spending a day with some of the most internationally recognized experts in 11 fields of forensic science. Dr. Liptai participated for many years in the AAFS Student Academy.

  • 2011 Chicago, IL
  • 2010 Seattle, WA
  • 2009 Denver, CO
  • 2008 Washington, D.C.
  • 2007 San Antonio, TX
  • 2006 Seattle, WA
  • 2005 New Orleans, LA
  • 2004 Dallas, TX
  • 2003 Chicago, IL

Biomedical Forensics Gives Back

(Pro Bono Cases)

Pedestrian v. Auto

A homeless man was hit by a silver, four-door sedan in downtown San Francisco, CA. Following the impact, he fell into the continuing path of the sedan heading north and was struck again. Biomedical Forensics was asked to perform a biomedical analysis and determine the sequence of events which led to this homeless man being hit by the vehicles. The compelling analysis contributed to the settlement of this case. The formerly homeless plaintiff applied and was later accepted into the University of California, Berkeley.

Driver v. Boat Manufacturing Company

In Mexico, a veterinarian was operating a small, commercial fishing boat. As he was making a left turn, the boat suddenly jerked violently causing him to be ejected from the boat. His left forearm contacted the propeller resulting in an immediate amputation of his left distal forearm. By analyzing Jack’s injuries, Biomedical Forensics determined that the dynamics of the boat occupant system is consistent with his injury. Biomedical Forensics used anthropometric data and dynamic modeling of the veterinarian to illustrate that once his center of gravity was in the water, his forearm was more likely than not able to reach the propeller.

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