San Francisco Certified Biomechanics Scientist Bay Area


Board Certified Forensic Engineering | BioMedical Engineering | Biomechanics

biomedical forensics bay area

  • Enhance engineering and accident reconstruction expertise with an advanced knowledge of biology, anatomy and mechanics of trauma
  • Investigate incident-specific variable factors and utilize data mining techniques to address biomedical engineering questions
  • Draw on decades of multi-disciplinary engineering experience to translate kinetics, kinematics and related mechanics of soft tissue and bone physical evidence
  • Evaluate the human factor interaction between the human body (adult/child), physical environment and age/other functional capabilities
  • Identify principal causal factor(s) and preventive safety / performance parameters


biomedical forensic scientist bay areaAwarded Andrew Payne National Award

Exemplary Contribution in Advancing Forensic Engineering Sciences for pioneering new techniques or procedures which have widespread acceptance and contributing to the advancement of forensic engineering science.


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